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Podcasting is the new blogging.

Everybody is searching to get their information, inspiration, connection and entertainment on the go and on demand. 

If you’ve landed on this page, you probably already know this. 

Maybe you’ve been wanting to have your own podcast for quite some time, and know that it just won’t happen without someone to guide and support you. And do the techy/admin stuff for you!

In that case, outsourcing is the way to go. If you’re like most (myself included), you are so busy with your paid job and your family and personal commitments that your own stuff keeps getting postponed. 

I can help with ‘doing all the things’ that go with podcasting. And all of the services automatically include me sharing my guidance and experience in helping you.

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Sarah Morrissey Little Rockers Radio

Olivia is a delight to work with.  If I could describe her in a few words it would be fast, detailed and professional.

Olivia initially put together a plan for interviews for Little Rockers Radio and quickly moved on to conducting these interviews for us, managing the entire process from set up, question development, recording & editing.

I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Sarah Morrissey
Little Rockers Radio