Hey there! 
Have you been wanting to start a podcast but are feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start? 
Then this is for you. 
I am a Virtual Assistant who supports podcasters in creating and delivering  podcasts. 
I have been asked many times recently for advice on how to start podcasting, so I have put together a short, sharp, simplified intensive session on podcasting. 
You will discover that it’s not that hard! You will walk away feeling confident to create your first episode yourself and hit ‘publish’! 
Yes! I’m saying you can create your own podcast yourself! 
So if you’ve been wanting to do this for ages, this is your chance to make it happen! 
See you in there! 



Would you like to have a podcast but feel: 


  • Overwhelmed?
  • Confused?
  • Stuck?


My goal is to simplify the process as much as possible and empower you to feel confident to start. 


That is why I’ve decided to add a big bonus at no extra charge!


I will offer you the COMPLETELY OPTIONAL opportunity to take part in a challenge, which is….


To start your podcast and publish it by the time we meet again in a bonus session one week later on Zoom!


You don’t need to have published an episode. Just a short one minute ‘welcome to my podcast’ trailer 


We can discuss how you went, celebrate your achievements and discuss any challenges. 


If you can’t make it at the scheduled time, the session will be recorded for you to catch later. 


All this for only $33!! You in? 

It will only happen when you DECIDE!

Get in, get out, learn what you need to know and START YOUR PODCAST!
Sarah Morrissey Little Rockers Radio

Olivia is a delight to work with.  If I could describe her in a few words it would be fast, detailed and professional.

Olivia initially put together a plan for interviews for Little Rockers Radio and quickly moved on to conducting these interviews for us, managing the entire process from set up, question development, recording & editing.

I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Sarah Morrissey
Little Rockers Radio

It will only happen when you DECIDE!

Get in, get out, learn what you need to know and START YOUR PODCAST!